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Residential & Commercial Landscaping

Imagine how having a beautiful and functional backyard could enhance the time you spend at your home. At All Seasons Maintenance & Landscaping, we understand the importance of designing and maintaining a landscape around your home that adds to its appeal, rather than detracts from it.

If you ever consider selling your home, landscaping can add a significant amount of value to your property, even if it is as simple as planting grass and adding a few flower gardens. Regardless of the size of the landscaping project you are considering, we can assist you in the creation and maintenance of any landscaping project you wish.

We value creativity and quality over anything else. Our experience in designing home landscapes had aided us in becoming one the areas premiere landscape and lawn care companies. Many high profile residential, commercial and institutional owners already trust All Seasons Maintenance & Landscaping for all their landscaping needs.

Sports Field Maintenance

All Seasons Maintenance & Landscaping specializes in revitalization programs and correct maintenance of sports fields. Below is a step by step look at what you will receive when getting our company to maintain your sports field.

Reel Mowers:

Reel mowers cleanly cut the blades of grass which makes it grow faster, thicker & healthier. Rotary mowers break off grass allowing pathogens & disease carrying agents to invade the plant. Continued use of the reel mowers will decrease maintenance costs.

Soil Samples:

Soil samples are taken to learn the deficiencies in the soil so a proper blend of fertilizer, including trace minerals can be applied to the soil to grow a healthy lawn.

Lawn Rolling:

Lawn rolling is basically a cosmetic feature of the lawn care due to the freeze-thaw cycle of winter. Lawn rolling aids in a better quality of cut, but rolling causes soil compaction so aerating is required after rolling.

Core Aeration:

Core aeration encourages the absorption of essential nutrients into your lawns soil, which allows oxygen, water and fertilizer better access to the root zone. You cannot over aerate your lawn.

Top Dressing:

Top Dressing with composted top soil provides much needed nutrients in a sow release form, resulting in the production of high quality turf.

Organic Lawn Spraying:

Organic lawn spraying increases growth in the plant & root system by making more efficient use of nutrient's already in the soil which helps to prevent weeds.

winter maintenance

All Seasons Maintenance & Landscaping offers snow removal for residential, as well as large commercial, industrial & institutional sites, including low impact and commercial roof snow removal. De-Icing can be provided upon request or as a conditions warrant using pure MTO Spec salt.

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All Seasons Maintenance & Landscaping offers a variety of materials to help with your landscaping- maintenance needs. We offer free trucking for local areas!

* Wood Chips

* Pea Stone

* Chips & Dust

* Mulch

* Decorative Rocks

* Sod

* Organic Spray

* Fertilizer

* Grass Seed

* Top Soil


  • Maintaining Properties

  • Mowing & Trimming Grass

  • Caring for trees & Shrubs Garden

  • Design/ Caring for flower beds

  • Fertilizing

  • Over seeding

  • Sodding

  • Soil Analysis

  • Controlling Weeds

  • Spraying (Organic Spray)

  • Rolling & Aerating

  • Removing Leaves

  • Mulch

  • Top Soil

  • Wood Chips

  • Pea Stone

  • Decorative Rocks

  • Stone Walls

  • Tree Planting & Removal

  • Sweeping Parking Lots

  • Snow Removal

  • De-Icing